Tourist caused accidents in New Zealand

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Wednesday, surgery day! Hopefully final surgery for either of us following our April 13 head on with tourists on the wrong side of the road
Unfortunately it means I am unlikely to do any tours 2018 but I was booked out Oct to Feb. 14 to 22 day tours.
The Government is not addressing the issue of overseas drivers and how easy it is to hire a vehicle in NZ.
They say the rental industry is 80% regulated so as a group they have tightened the laws on renting vehicles in NZ. My industry sources say that is hogwash.
I invite anyone reading this to email me or message or just comment. How can we stop accidents like Xiaoli and I had happening?
I want laws to change. Tighter legislation. I am not sure that is the answer so I seek input.
Wednesday is surgery day for me. Praying Xiaoli does not need another operation. Our suffering needs be for a reason.
I look forward to input.

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