My first blog in 5 months!

My first blog for about 5 months. Our serious car accident head on with tourists driving on the wrong side of the road knocked my positivity state badly. Just not in the mood to write blogs or doing anything really much as we both fought hard to get our broken bones and other injuries healed. My arm finally came out a sling 2 days ago. What a long time it has been.

Today we were booked for a 4wd tour up Ninety Mile Beach to Cape Reinga so I decided to give our driver a day off and I would do it since I have had to cancel the long haul tours I was booked for October and November.

3 lovely customers from Shanghai. One had English which always makes the job a little easier. A superb spring day as you can see by the video I took at Cape Reinga.

The beach today was a little rough which makes for a spectacular drive on the beach. Baby seals resting on the beach. And best of all today with a 1pm low tide time we were able to not only drive up the beach, but back down it.

2 days out of the arm sling so the shoulder is a bit tender now. Not allowed to lift anything for 2 months still but I was able to drive with both hands on the steering wheel. Exhausted now, but a great day out.

Next month a 6 day tour from Auckland down around East Cape to Gisborne and return to Auckland. A late request from a travel company which I agreed to do providing they hire a baggage handler/back up driver to accompany me. They must have been desperate for a guide with knowledge of East Cape as they agreed to my terms.

December booked for a 22 day tour with no backup so the physio starts Monday and I need get a ‘get fit’ program off him. 6 months of doing nothing while the injuries healed has taken its toll on fitness.

Time to make sure Xiaoli and I can finally put the worst of our injuries behind us so we can start living a relatively normal life. Unfortunately things will not be normal for sometime yet but mentally and physically we need start fighting to be normal. The accident was a tragic event which we must try to leave behind us so we start 2019 fresh.

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