East Cape New Zealand

Whakatane to Gisborne via the East Cape

Day 2 and 3 of this 6 day tour and what spectacular scenery we have seen.

A great group of Kiwi’s all in the 75 to 90 year age bracket. Unfortunately one of the group suffered a stroke the day prior starting so could not make it but the remainder are in good spirits considering the various health issues that come along with aging.

For me Moa Trek supplied me a back up driver/baggage handler because of ongoing injury problems. Charlie is an Argentinian in New Zealand on a 3 year work visa to learn tourism. This is his first actual tour and to date I have invited him to drive each leg as I try to make my body last as the car accident injuries heal. So far the neck is more than a little sore and stiff and the left shoulder reminding me it is not totally healed, but its okay.

Yesterday we departed Whakatane with overcast weather and the odd patch of drizzle as we slowly headed for our night destination of Hicks Bay. Many stops prior including a beautiful lunch stop at Tui Lodge in Te Kaha. Great people, great gardens and great food provided. Look them up if you are ever heading around the East Cape and need a bed.

Hicks Bay Motel definitely only 3 star and frustrating the TV wouldn’t go on Prime to watch the rugby which meant resorting to the Herald’s live feed for the updates. But the motel looked after us well for dinner then breakfast this morning.

First stop today was on the edge of Hicks Bay for some group photography. 18 degrees but a chilling wind coming off the sea.

Again we stopped all the key points on route as we wound our way towards Gisborne. I had managed to arrange for Reverend Kaa and his wife to meet us at the historic Tikitiki Church to explain the history. Thanking him with koha towards maintenance of the church. A fascinating man with a fascinating story to tell.

The logs from all the storms were very obvious on the beaches as was the erosion on the hills including road washouts. You see it on television but never realise how bad it is until you see for yourself.

We had a lovely lunch at a lodge at Anaura Bay which is the video this story leads with.  My only thoughts is why is it so far away from where I live. To far to haul my boat down to go fishing and set the cray pots. Great hosts. Great venue and off the main road so very quiet.

Next big stop was Tologa Bay where I offered the group all the time they needed to walk the 660metre long Tologa Bay wharf. I was surprised that some of the less agile actually made it there and back. Apparently some fisherman sitting at the end catching Gurnard. Hmm. Why didn’t I have that opportunity I wonder? Admin for the tour meant I stayed bus bound.

A 5pm arrival in Gisborne. It never seems to change much. A beautiful little city which tomorrow we will spend the day exploring in and around



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