A chef made my tour client a very happy lady!

Anyone know where that waterfall is?

If you don’t then maybe its time you need come with Peter and Xiaoli Tours and explore a bit more of New Zealand.

Rere Falls is outside Gisborne. There is also Rere Water slide spectacular in a different way. Well worth a visit. If you are up to sliding down the water slide then make sure before the tour starts you tell me you will consider so I remember to put some of our toboggans in.

I am not a tree person unless native but Eastwood hill Aboretum if you are into trees. The largest Aboretum in the Southern Hemisphere. Over 3500 specimens up to 100 years old bought into New Zealand by ‘Cookie’ just after world war one. Spectacular and as Kiwi’s we own it but run by a trust so donations needed.

A great day for us in and around Gisborne today. A stop for lunch at ‘The Vines’ where cruel for me, I had to watch our group of 18 experience a wine tasting. At least I got to eat a beautiful lunch they provided.

Next stop was the Gisborne Museum. No secret I am not a museum person plus I have toured this museum a number of times before but even I acknowledge it is pretty good. Little treasures like the first gift from Cook to a Maori Chief that was uncovered in sand dunes. A metal coin. If in Gisborne, go visit.

Then we drove around past the log port at the base of Kaiti Hill and alongside Kaiti Beach. The local police added some entertainment at no extra cost as 5 police cars rushed past and cornered a car. Pretty dramatic for a poor Ninety Mile Beach like me.

Up Kaiti Hill. A last chance to see the brick sculptured wall and Cook statue before they are removed. I had requested my Gizzy cousin go up earlier in the day to clean the bird droppings off. He must have done it as the statue was pretty clean.

Back at the motel 30 minutes early which the group were grateful for as I think the wine sampling was taking its toll so forty winks for a few I believe.

Evening meal at USSco I believe it is called. Great service. The food was okay but 10 out of 10 for the way they catered for our Liane, a lady in our group who through cancer has had the top of the mouth removed and survives on a liquid diet. I had arranged for a main of soup put through a moule but they wen several steps further. Provided her with a liquid entrée plus a liquid desert. Exceptional is all I can say.

Every day I phone the lunch and night venues well ahead of time to discuss Liane and her requirement for a liquid meal. Most have accommodated with a soup of varying degrees. USSco went not just one step further but outstanding. For all of us at that table I don’t think we noticed much about our meals but all talk was about what the head chef did for Liane. I don’t know who you are but you made an elderly woman who has been very tested with cancer a very happy lady. Thankyou.

Tomorrow out to Wainui for a garden tour before I take the drivers seat for the first time this tour to head towards Rotorua. Time to face my demons after my accident and drive a bus load of tourists. I have put it off long enough.


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