I know an interesting heading but I have an explanation. I know I am a good tour guide but sometimes tested by the odd tourists who in themselves tend to be the odd one out in the group. But I handle them not showing my frustration or yes sometimes, anger. That I need always keep to myself knowing at the end of the tour they fly home. Ironically they often are the ones that refer you for other business. But back to my heading.


ECSTATIC – Today I have received an email from a UK travel group I have done several NZ group tours for. In fact was contracted for several October and November but ongoing accident injuries required me to withdraw. Well it turns out I was in the running for their international guide of the year but never won. Well I didn’t know they had such an award and I am probably right in thinking all their guides are in the running. However, they sent me the following comment which apparently is one of many from a past traveller from one of their groups I showed around NZ.

We (myself with husband Paul) thought Peter was exceptionally good at low-key management of the group, supplying schedules, historical and current information, and conveying enthusiasm for New Zealand, generally while driving the bus or sharing dinner or a drink. He also brought humour to deal with potential conflicts among the group members, and managed consensus decisions for changing the itinerary, and any grumbles, extremely well.”

They booked through a UK group but are in fact Americans. Until today I was unaware of the words they posted. I am ecstatic as often you just never know.


ANGRY – On Friday I had another consultant who had booked me for a 23 day tour in December and again in March advise that they had reconsidered and no longer required my services. Why I asked? They felt the accident would still be affecting me and could not risk me with their tourists for 23 days.

I was flabbergasted. I know the accident is not yet behind us. Only last Friday I got the sign off physically. Xiaoli still suffers and in her case we see the surgeon on Thursday to find out what they do next.

I am angry but at the same token understand where they are coming from. There is also the ongoing mental battle that neither of us can let the accident go and that probably wont change until we both no longer physically suffer.


RELIEVED – Yes I am relieved. Xiaoli plus my good far north mate knew I didn’t want to do those tours. In fact I keep talking about retirement, just doing the odd tour of our own. Keep our 12 seat coach and when its no longer required as a tour vehicle then turn it into a campervan. So yes very relieved that a decision out of my control helped make things happen as I kept talking. No more stress. Any stress now is of our own making.

I can be home January 1 for Xiaoli’s birthday. The first time in a number of years that I have been able to be home with her.

I can be home for our 10th wedding anniversary in February which up until Friday was not the case. So planning has now started in my head for a surprise party to celebrate our 10th anniversary. In fact in 3 days time we celebrate the day we first physically met in Nanning in China. I still remember coming out of the China customs to see her there waiting. Memories – beautiful ones.

2019 is going to be a great year for us. I feel it!

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