February 21 we celebrate 10 years!

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Time certainly passes fast

Xiaoli and I celebrate 10 years married this year. And I must say a pretty happy 10 years it has been.

10 years ago at this time I was waiting on Xiaoli’s visa approval to come to New Zealand. Fortunately the visa process went smoothly just complicated then by Chinese New Year holidays in Hong Kong where the visa was being processed by NZ Immigration. But I still remember today the very cooperative Crystal Li that helped process the visa.

10 years ago I was around 120kg in weight. Today a mere 85kg but in great health compared with 10 years ago albeit a few internal modifications. Part of growing older.

10 years ago Xiaoli spoke no English. Only 5 Chinese languages but now fluent English and has been for many years. But an accent some struggle with at times. Haha

10 years ago my mum and dad were still alive and with family help attended our wedding on February 21 at Waipapakauri Ramp (Ninety Mile Beach). Unfortunately dad’s eyesight finally failed that trip but I was delighted they and 3 of my brothers attended with my sister in laws. Probably all though I was crazy but I don’t think any say that now.

February 23 we will celebrate the marking of 10 years with friends, family and even our local Mayor. And I am sure that will go as smooth as it did 10 years ago.

2018 was not a year we wish to remember thanks to our head on accident with tourists on the wrong side of the road. But 2018 is now behind us as we move forward with life. Looking back achieves nothing, time to move forward again.

What does 2019 onwards hold for Peter and Xiaoli? Many more years of happiness together I am sure. Hopefully at some stage the sale of our beach front property allowing us to purchase a lifestyle block where we can both follow our dreams.

Peter and Xiaoli Tours will continue but in a modified format given we will not long term have the accommodation we currently offer. And to that end our listings on NewZealand.com have been adjusted awaiting approvals from Tourism NZ. We are not going to let a business we grew successfully from a zero base disappear.

Come join us here at Peter and Xiaoli Tours (& Accommodation). Shortly we head off fishing. Sashimi for dinner. Yum!


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