Four plus weeks of lockdown

Four plus weeks of lockdown. This video is only 20seconds of the view from my lazyboy day after day. The tides come, the tides go, I dream of the fish just out there in those waves which finally Tuesday I can invite to come out of the water and grace our table.
Our website has gone from vibrant to almost zilch viewers. Bugger!
Two of our three businesses will close as they are 100% reliant on international tourists. The third being our accommodation also was 95% international tourists so marketing will need to be geared up towards attracting Kiwi’s to come visit.
Tourism is devastated. Hopefully part of the Government package to help motivate the Kiwi tourist might be to reduce the cost of travelling through the country. In particular between Islands.
We need encourage Kiwi’s to go and explore the magnificent beauty that NZ offers. The beauty that people from all around the world come to see and rave about.
Hands up Aucklanders or those further south. How many of you have ever visited my beach, Ninety Mile Beach.
Aucklanders, how many of you have ever visited the South Island in its entirety?
Moteliers/Hoteliers. You are no longer going to regularly have No Vacancy signs up. Try lowering your costs and attract the Kiwi market.
Life will not be the same again for a long time to come. Xiaoli and I are survivors. Financially we are going to take a big income hit but we are in a position we can ride it out. Our only decision is whether we close all doors for good or just put the businesses in a holding pattern.
Maybe finally its time to retire. Use the boat sitting outside more regularly. Hitch the caravan on that we purchased last year and just wander.
I am fortunate in that there would not be many places in NZ I have not been. But knowing NZ like I do its time to explore some of favorite locations in more depth.
Stay safe out there. Once clear of lockdown, if you want a holiday think about what we offer Ninety Mile Beach. ( )162c0107

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