A well overdue blog plus a COVID update

Here at Peter and Xiaoli Tours (& Accommodation) we are very quiet. Strange new norm as they call it caused by the COVID virus lockdown and border closures.

Our long haul tour business (14 to 25 days) down country has been wiped out.

Our exclusive VIP 4wd tours up Ninety Mile Beach to Cape Reinga devastated. We have got only 1 booking in place moving forward.

Our accommodation is running about 50% occupancy and reduced nightly rates as we try capture the few kiwi tourists around.

At this rate business over the current financial year will be no more than 20% of our normal revenue. We are trying to address some of it by putting offers out there for our 4wd tours and our accommodation. Even offering some fishing packages, something I swore I would never do as fishing is our own passion. And I never wanted to start baiting people hooks, taking the fish off when they land them, or fillet at the end of the day. But it is what it is by offering beach tours, accommodation and fishing we are positioned for package deals.

2018 we were badly injured in a head on with tourists on the wrong side of the road. We survived after a 6 month period battling injuries. Then March 2019 Xiaoli was diagnosed with breast cancer. A year of chemo plus a mastectomy hopefully we have now beaten that. And then later this month I have what is termed major surgery with serious risks to correct a past operation (2011) that has gone wrong. If we can survive all this, we will survive COVID 19.

Yesterday a beautiful day out on the boat on Doubtless Bay. Unfortunately the fish also adored the day and forgot to bite on the yummy bait I sent their direction. The few we did catch were legal by law but not legal by my own boat rules so they were returned to the sea to live to see another year or so out. I told them I will come back for them in 2 or so years, but please send mum or dad in the meantime to see us. But typical children, they forgot to pass on the message as their mum and dad never came to visit.

Today we have the accommodation booked out for 13 fisherman up here for the next 7 days. We gave a reduced daily rate as it is a bonus to be booked for 7 nights solid under this new norm.

I feel for all those that contracted to us prior COVID. Now no income from us or any others they contracted to. I just hope like us they will find a way to survive as gut feel says we have a long battle ahead before borders reopen and people start travelling

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