The effects on business in the new COVID world

Our website stats for the last 15 months showing whats happening albeit stats I show you do not give full info I have. See the notable drop coinciding with the first lockdown then a smaller drop coinciding with the 2nd Auckland lockdown.
Not seen on this graph is the big change affecting our website. Hits used to be 90% international with a sway towards the UK and Europe. Stats since COVID hit and directly affected us, hits are now 95% kiwis.
Are bookings happening given the huge upswing in Kiwi’s clicking on our website? Yes! Our accommodation bookings are currently running about 40% of what we would normally achieve but very positive signs these are increasing.
Our long haul tours (14 to 25 days) which were our real money earner, zilch bookings and zilch enquiries. Just fortunate we had sold our main tour vehicle back in January after deciding to go with rental vehicles in the future as it gave us greater flexibility dependent on the size of the tour group.
Our Ninety Mile Beach 4wd tours which we hold one of the very few licenses available, no tours since February. But starting tomorrow our first new season tour and further enquiries being received. Over the past 10 years our customers for the 4wd tours were 95% international with again the sway towards European and UK visitors.
Our 4wd tour vehicle needed replacement at the end of the last season with the beach having taken its toll on it. Replacement purchased but we slashed our normal purchase amount 60% given the uncertainty. Our 4th Mitsi Pajero silver colour. Not intentional to buy silver but it seems our destiny.
The benefit of all the Covid effects on our business? Certainly not monetary obviously and we have drastically changed our business plans and normal outgoing expenses to try help the reduction. But the real benefit is the quality of life we now have. Xiaoli and I get quality time together. We have enjoyed a number of trips away with the caravan exploring places that I have never had the time therefore opportunity to take Xiaoli to.
Money is not important as long as you have enough to survive. Quality of life is and through all this new norm we are discovering our new found freedom and enjoying it.

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