Our first 4wd beach tour since the March lockdown

Peter and Xiaoli VIP 4wd tour to Cape Reinga via the beaches

Not a great video as it was produced fast for our customers as a record of where we went. We also give them the stills. Just part of what we offer on the Ninety Mile Beach to Cape Reinga tours.

What a great feel to be out there working again. Its been a very long time between tours and I forgot how much I actually enjoy them. The scenery. Showing people our paradise here in the far north of New Zealand.

Interesting, we get to Cape Reinga and the lighthouse and only 1tour bus arrived. Normally this time of year there would be 5 to 10 buses as summer approaches. The beaches were desolate, the Te Paki stream no sign of wheel marks given the very distinct impression we were the first 4wd to drive through there yesterday.

My mate driving the Fullers bus from Paihia was very fast to greet me as I arrived at the lighthouse. He said to me how lonely it can be at the lighthouse when no other tour buses or 4wds arrive as no one to talk to why his customers go for their walk. A strange new norm. No sharing of food we all carry for our customers on the day. Always good to see what the other driver/guide have aboard to share.

More enquiries are coming, in particularly for the summer holidays. Still mainly accommodation though, but hopefully the day tour bookings will also follow.

As much as I enjoy having our international tourists around, their absence allows you to see some of our most scenic spots in a different way. More what we saw in our childhood growing up. Getting beaches almost to yourself.


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