My poor boat has sat 5 months, unloved why my body recovers from major surgery

5 months sitting why health dictated I could not use or get into to the boat let alone fire it up and she fired up first turn. The boss (wife) doesnt think I should get on it yet due to ongoing issues. To me the only issue is I need calm weather or there is going to be some pain. And I need a mate to help winch it back on to the trailer. That I cannot do. I am sure I can haul the fish in.

I should have taken it to Auckland to be around the Americas Cup, but the TV coverage is pretty good anyway.

This weeks agenda, keep the late afternoon clear to watch the cup races. Get our farm purchase over the line which probably involves an Auckland trip. And pray the caravan window after 9 months waiting has finally arrived from the UK so we can use the van again.

See the surgeon in Whangarei Thursday. Hopefully he can suggest how we resolve some pretty serious ongoing issues. After all, he is the one that unannounced stole my spleen why I slept on the operating table. For good reason I know, but still a shock to wake 8 to 10 hours later to hear an organ that was not on the list had been removed. Bugger!!!! Mind you, there was a 30% chance of not waking. So I guess I should be happy.

Congrats to my brother on his pending book release. I didnt know he had written one. Things you find out through the strangest sources

And yes we have holiday accommodation available Easter but book soon. Ninety Mile Beach is a damn pretty good place to enjoy a holiday. Take our 4wd tour up the beach to Cape Reinga. 77km of beach driving. Have a fish in one of the top fishing locations in NZ. Who knows, if the boss allows I might take you out on the boat.

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