A long day on very isolated roads

Awake to heavy fog which lifted from the Turangi camp site before we left but was heavy again once on the Desert Road. Finally cleared prior Waiouru to sight the mountain.Xiaoli insisted I used the P30 Huawei phone her son had finished with. Obviously I dont know how to use the camera on it yet as terrible photography. Should have stuck with the Samsung.Found out when refueling Waiouru that the Gentle Annie was closed only by someone countering that with its open weekends. I did not warn Xiaoli what the Gentle Annie road was like. By midway she is telling me to never tow the caravan over it again. Fortunately I dont listen when it comes to where I go. I loved every moment of it. The previous 2 times I did it, it was metal and I was in a BASH vehicle giving it hell. Now its sealed and being the ancient age I am, I drove it sedately as old people do (sometimes!).I havent told Xiaoli about the Waikaremoana Road I am still tempted to do even though we cant stop with the dogs. Maybe keep quiet on that one. I thought by now she had been in NZ long enough to know us Kiwi’s love a challenge and love the real outdoors.Now Hastings Top 10 motor camp for 2 nights. After that probably Gizzy but undecided as it is dependent on my health stability. Been okay today but I have eaten no food at all. I guess shortly I need contemplate that knowing the nausea hits 30 minutes later. The beer consumption has dropped considerably his trip. I have not had to top up supplies. Friends and family in the Hawkes Bay if you would like to catch up come visit us at the Top 10. There is some lovely far north red wine aboard plus obviously beer. Probably even find some chips to snack on. Easier if we stay here as they dont mind our 2 little furry friendsThe head is clear. Some good planning going on. Maybe putting a campervan/caravan tour together but main thoughts are about setting up an event to support the Starship ICU find raising event. Still leaning towards a multiple day event for 2005 and older 4wds. A good bit off off roading but not to the extreme level. Something even city dwellers could do but unlikely to do normally.Time for a coffee now and contemplate some food and the after effects that seem to follow

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