Mental health!

I just heard its mental health awareness week. As a bipolar sufferer I know how important mental health is. But even years later from my really worst times of trying to finish life, I still find it hard to find people who understand when relapses happen.I am in control now most of the time but things do tax me harder than they do most normal people. I take these lockdowns as an example. They are hard on me yet in reality they are not really affecting my everyday life.I have a genuine medical exemption that says I should not wear masks but I wear masks because others just dont understand. Visiting Pak’n Save is done at speed to get out of there so I can remove the mask. One day was caught out and had to be saved from collapse.If you know a friend or family that you know have issues, then dont judge them. Whether you understand or not just be there as a shoulder to lean on.Take care to all my friends who have or have in the past suffered issues. I understand

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