Northland tour

Many offer a Northland tour but not many can say they live there. Its our home turf.

We are based in the very far north. We tour Northland often. Because its our home, we can honestly claim to know it better than most.

Northland is an area of New Zealand often missed by the international tourist purely because however you do it, it adds 3 days to your agenda. We are on a limb so to speak. To get to Northland you must depart and return to Auckland.

Northland has to us the most beautiful beaches in New Zealand. It has the meeting of the oceans (Pacific Ocean and Tasman Sea) and the very top. It has the iconic Ninety Mile Beach and we are one of only 2 4wd operators licensed to drive it.

There is the beautiful Bay of Islands very important in our New Zealand Heritage. The site of the first capitol of New Zealand. The signing place of the historic treaty between Maori and the Europeans.

For both Maori and Europeans, the first province they stepped foot on.

Come visit Northland with us. Auckland to the very far north and return to Auckland. Minimum tour 3 days

3 day northland tour3 day of Northland tour