South Island Tour

The beautiful South Island. We always love our South Island tours. The larger of New Zealand’s 2 main Islands yet only around 19% of the population lives there.

Untouched scenery in places. Some still waiting to be explored. 2 World Heritage Parks. Its endless what the South Island offers.

The roads are seemingly quiet compared to the north because of population size. The scenery differs every day. From luscious very green rain forests to the desert like centre of the South Island in the alpine regions.

You will be blown away daily. Your camera will get full on storage category as you endlessly capture the magical south.

If you want brief highlights of key areas then give us 5 days. But if you really want to appreciate the South Island give us 7 to 10 days. You are never going to see it all but we assure you, you will be pretty pleased with what you do see.

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