A disappointing day in the office


A disappointing day in the office

For some the haul of fish we got yesterday they would be delighted about, for us a disappointing day out on the ocean. The bin looks full but a lot are Kahawhai. That keeps Xiaoli happy as she will salt and dry it, but for the 2 of us on the boat it was disappointing.

We tried using squid and pilchard as bait and in the end even tried soft baits. We got a good assortment of fish but the Snapper largely eluded us. Great though to see a John Dory landed. We actually got 2 but couldn’t get the second into the net fast enough so it headed back to the deep.

A great time out for me on my mates boat. My boat yet to see the water in over 16 months. Something I must rectify soon but first I need remove a built in fuel tank that someone prior me added. It makes the boat unbalance so it needs to go back to Tote tanks as it was designed to have. A relatively minor job but I can seem to tie my mechanic down to doing and my shoulders wont let me lie down with any comfort to do.

Tomorrow the doctor for another steroid injection to try keep the right arm from seizing up so I can handle the long haul tours starting mid December. The left arm suffering pain issues since the operation but since ACC have now decided not to cover it ongoing then that to I need see the doctor about.

ACC had been in my view excellent following our accident but now have decided the accident never caused the right shoulder injury. They agree it severely aggravated it but as I already had a minor injury that absolves them from liability. In my view had we not had the accident then it was a manageable minor injury but you try debate that with ACC.

Poor Xiaoli in my absence last week needed a neighbour to take her to hospital in excrutiating pain only to get the run around at Kaitaia Hospital. Very disappointing as Xiaoli is not a person to complain normally. Fortunately they did dose her up on heavy pain killers which did resolve the issue for the time being. Now we await the surgeon appointment on November 29.

For both of us we want to put the accident behind us but the niggles carry on. Hopefully for both of us, soon to be resolved. In Xiaoli’s case maybe an operation first. Roll on 2019 and a fresh start!


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