All Blacks and Americas Cup


All Blacks and Americas Cup. How they effect my blogs


Those that know me know I am an ardent rugby fan and follow every game. Saturday I posted one of my most successful blogs yet. Likes were booming then the All Blacks versus Lions game came on. Likes and comments stopped. After the game there was the odd one but it wasn’t really until the Americas Cup races were over the next morning and likes and comments took off again.


Xiaoli and I don’t have television as such. We have a TV but its not hooked up to freeview or Sky. Back in our accommodation units at the beach there is I believe without counting, 5 sets fully functional.


When we moved to the farm 2 years ago now we decided all we needed was hi speed internet. We have the direct from the transmitter. No slow speed cables. But we decided television was not a requirement. But there are a number of times I relent that decision, and that’s when the All Blacks play. But no matter, there is a radio supposedly with live coverage. But I watch the Herald blogs. If I put the radio on at the same time I find by the time the radio gets to a try being scored a typist at the Herald has already blogged that it happened with detail as to what happened. So much for live radio.


Its fortunate for tours its our off season or my poor tourists would be wondering why I am in a panic at nights to get in front of the motel television or why I delayed the next mornings start because the Americas Cup was being broadcast.


Hopefully tomorrow we secure the Americas Cup then that’s something I wont need jump up in the morning to watch on my computer. As for rugby, that’s easy, All Black games are always at night so don’t affect out tours


But yes these events do affect comments and likes on my blogs but more so, they affect my writing of them. I need clear space to write fluently but that’s hard when each time I look at the news on the internet there is updates on who did what and who said what. Bugger

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