Day 4 Gisborne region New Zealand


Day 3 – Minimal driving exploring Gisborne

I have awoken to a beautiful day. A clear blue sky and the wind has significantly reduced. Alas, the very cold temperature has not changed. But just be grateful, little wind and a blue sky.

Not absolutely sure what is on the agenda today but I do know it starts with the company in town that arranges cycle tours of the city. I am not a cyclist nor wish to be. Those memories can remain in my childhood days. But I do need learn about what is offered as from time to time the odd tourist is interested.

I know there is a surf school on the agenda and again not my thing but in the past I have had tourists travelling with me ask. So again it’s a learning thing.

And there is a vineyard end of day and yes the important wine tasting. Now wine I have given up but surely partaking in a little tasting will be okay? Haha. I have not sworn off alcohol, just wine as I love it, and it loves me with a passion,  and the love runs so deep sometimes a little much would be consumed.

30 minutes to go before we meet the rest of the group. Changed shoes for today hoping my feet may remain warmer. I know one of my fellow guides sharing the apartment has put a double layer of socks on. I must say I hadn’t thought of that but hopefully the trusty sneakers in the rear of the ‘Peter and Xiaoli Tours’ vehicle will do the job. Or really, it would be just great if the temperature rose 4 or 5 degrees today.

11.35am. It feels like about 2 degrees here today even though our tour vehicle says it’s a little warmer. The wind chill factor caused by the southerly wind coming off the water.

The days started with a meeting in a local café here in Gisborne with a lovely lady talking about her surf school she has created here. A very interesting lady when you here the full story of what she does. I am not interested in surfing. Tried it many years ago and for me the sea holds more valuable treasures such as the fish I seek to haul in. But yes, she was very worth spending the time as I know although not often, but I do get tourists time permitting that could be interested in what she offers.

The next meeting was arranged so we could stay put and they would come to us. A lovely South African but now kiwi lady who runs the local cycle tour business. Some interesting tours she offers. Very much just a seasonal business as Gisborne has the same issues as where I come from in the very far north of New Zealand, it is off the normal main tourist route. So I related very well.

After that a drive around Gisborne. Many years since I have done that. A few photographs to add to my growing photo library. Next a motel inspection visit then followed by the local museum. I would like to think the weather will warm up but gut feel says it is unlikely to.

4.41pm. A relaxed afternoon. It seems in the winter a lot of Gisborne shuts down on a Sunday. But we had a great drive around. Viewed a few of the sights.

Last visit was to the Gisborne Wine Centre which represents the local vineyards. All partook in a wine tasting except for yours truly who opted to stay with the coffee. Plus in all honesty I need stay a sober driver. Haha

We did visit the local museum. Not my kettle of fish but a good history of the region.  Nothing wrong with it as a museum and if you are into that sort of thing you should visit.

Tonight some of the group will visit a local cinema which the local tourism centre recommended then we will all head off to the Smash Palace Restaurant for dinner.

Tomorrow back to driving a little more as we explore more of the region before we head to Opotiki for the final night


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