The boss is on her way home from China!

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The boss comes home tomorrow

Yes, Xiaoli my wife and boss arrives home tomorrow. Her plane arrives from Chengdu China 6.40pm if on time. For me I face a 4.5 hour drive to Auckland to collect her with several stops on the way.

I need collect additional nest boxes for the many aviary birds we have as we slowly build towards a farm park. We need increase numbers which in turn will mean inevitably build more aviaries.

I need collect Xiaoli 20kg macadamia nuts. She loves her nuts but they drive me nuts. But I cant deprive her of probably the only habit she has that never seems to pass. Plus they are good for her, stacked with vitamins.

Then last I have a meeting with a college in Whangarei to discuss Chinese students who we are able to bring to the country. A bus trip down.

I am certain the boss after a month away is ready to come home. Her many wechat messages last night confirm that as she asked whether the geese have hatched any young yet, the ducks, chooks etc. The first time since she headed China she has asked for an update on numbers here.

Hopefully if she did her job right she will present me with many photographs of the temples she and her friend Jen have visited so I can try structure a tour route to China in the future to take small groups. Ideally I should have been there to but time right now does not allow us both to be away at the same time.

Looking at some of the photos I received over wechat today from Xiaoli’s friend I can see tiredness and maybe boredom setting in. Her chats last night with me signified the same. Weary now of travel, time to come home and be my boss again.

Once I arrive Auckland prior heading to the airport I need visit the Bird Rescue Centre. They have many orphaned ducklings plus some older birds they need our help with. The older ducks we home until they are ready to fly off in to the wild blue yonder. The ducklings we raise until they also will fly off. Our aim this year is to relieve Bird Rescue of about 250 orphaned ducklings we will raise. That means that is 250 more they can accept from the public as the orphaned ducklings are found.

Pigeons I believe are also on the list tomorrow. They will be put in a secure aviary for about 6 weeks before we let them loose to join our 200 or so resident with us. The pigeons provide a service to us as every time a hawk circles over our young the pigeons fly up as a flock sending the hawk on its way. And they do look beautiful flying as a flock.

Tour season is now rapidly approaching. Our 12 seater I need get in for a service just ensuring its ready for the tour season. Other vehicles required we hire so that we get the specs each tour needs plus the vehicle we access where needed. Everyone thinks New Zealand is a small country. Population wise it is but sheer land area it is large. And that in turns running our own vehicles we could never guarantee they would be in the region we require, so we hire. Our 12 seater we just keep for Northland tours.

The storms of the past week seem to have passed thankfully. It is now spring . One would hope we will see warmer temperatures today and in saying that I am guessing today it has reached about 17 degrees.

The fish start coming closer in once the weather warms which is great for us personally as the boss and I are passionate about our fishing. And people always ask why don’t we do fishing tours. Simple answer fishing is our time out for us and being in tourism when tourism is full on you need an escape.

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