18 day New Zealand tour starts tomorrow

Tour season is here

Tomorrow I return 11 lovely elderly Chinese people to Auckland who I bought to the far north on Friday. I should be careful when I use the word ‘elderly’ as I fall in a similar bracket.

Despite all being in New Zealand for many years, not one has any English. But it hasn’t stopped us having immense fun.

Tomorrow only 2 stops on route. The famous Hunterwaiser toilets in Kawakawa where I know many photographs will be taken. Then Sheepworld on the northern side of Warkworth. Merely a toilet stop and a coffee for me.

Then its drop them off West Auckland. Head for Smith and Smith Glass in Penrose who have agreed to repair the badly chipped windscreen the minute I arrive so I can head to the Grand Chancellor to meet my next group for an 18 day tour both islands.

Its good to have Dunedin on the agenda for this tour. My birth town and probably 5 years since I had a tour go that way. 2 nights. A trip down the harbour to see the Penguins and some other wild life. Most of the rest of the route I have travelled relatively frequently. Stay a night in Hokitika so hopefully a catch up with a cousin there.

Its going to be over 22 days away from Xiaoli and all our animals. I guess it will soon fly.

Tuesday a brief tour of Auckland before heading to Tairua for several nights. If none say they get car sick then we will travel the Tapu to Coroglen Road to see the square Kauri Tree. Their only opportunity with the route we go to see our famous Kauri Trees.

The Transit has been polished. Looking smart. One of 3 tours around New Zealand this summer, this being the shortest at 18 days



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