Wandering with no set direction, caravan in tow

We made it to the Chateau Tongariro today but only after I had a bad health issue with extreme nausea leaving us parked up for a long while. Xiaoli offered to drive but I hate her driving with no caravan so wasnt willing to risk life and limb with caravan behind.

Couldnt stop at the the Chateau or go up the mountain as signs everywhere saying no dogs. I guess that was referring to me but maybe our 2 little ones. Haha. So a U turn and now parked up for the night in Turangi Holiday Park. Tomorrow I think down to Taihape and across the Gentle Annie and then to Havelock North Top 10.

When we arrived Auckland the other night to park up in the Hisun warehouse I realised caravan keys were still back at the beach on the Pajero keyring from when we did our 3 day aborted trip after dramas. Called a locksmith and $204 later we had the caravan open and a new key cut


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