Today business, tomorrow fishing


Today I designed new business cards – Tomorrow we go fishing


A quiet time of year for tours in New Zealand, but work never finishes.

I have just spent the last week spending many hours on the computer getting our name out there and trying to find new agents for Peter and Xiaoli Tours. Have I been successful, I have no idea yet. It may take some time for the real effects of my efforts to be seen.

We have people China and Hong Kong talking to us we that we have not had contact with before. Vietnam and Sri Lanka people have talked to s in recent times. It appears things are falling in place. Come summer I may regret pushing growth so hard but I have a 4 year plan which is going to entail me pushing myself to the limits at times. But for a reason.

Redesigned our business card today. No major change but needed add our new website plus have made the rear of the card match in with signage we utilise on vehicles now. Need everything to link together. Approved the proof the printer sent through which obviously I was going to as I did the artwork.  Now wait the printing.

Next scheduled tour a 3 day Northland tour with 11 June 3rd to 5th. Northland tours are a lot easier for me as I get day 2 off and at home why the guests go on the beach bus. Mind you I need that rest as at the start and conclusion I have a 5 hour drive to collect the group Auckland and the same again when I drop them off.

The next 4 days perfect for fishing our beautiful Ninety Mile Beach so 6am tomorrow we are and off. There is no question we will catch dinner but how many dinners is the question. Sashimi – yum

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