One exhausted tour guide


Exhaustion – Why do people think a tour guide is a job to be envious of?


Yesterday a same day trip to Auckland to collect a guest arriving from Beijing. 5 hours drive each way plus stop over/waiting time Auckland. And people think my job is to be envied. Our guest is with us for 12 days why we tour around. Now day 2 and I am already exhausted.


Tour guides work hard. This tour fortunately a certain amount of time I am based from home. That means I get to sleep in my own bed. No Xiaoli last night beside me as she stayed across at our beach accommodation I gather talking to our guest until 4am. Where-as midnight I went home to the farm. And it was cold last night which the dogs must have felt to as 2 were under the blankets either side of me when I woke.


Today a morning of rest. Shortly go get a new part in the tour vehicle which had been on back order. Get that fitted and back to the beach accommodation ta talk through Xiaoli as translator, the next 12 days. I know a bit of driving for me to do.


The driving I find easy. It’s the planning, the talking, the constant smiling even when you just want to escape and have a little shut eye. Last night 5 hours of Chinese being spoken loudly behind me. And yes Xiaoli is Chinese but after all these years together I struggle when they get excitable talking. Years ago I remember asking Xiaoli what is the argument/discussion over only to find out they are really happy and its just sheer excitement in the voice. English to them must seem monotone. Haha.


On with the day. Fed the animals. Off to Ford to get the rear air conditioning part fitted then back into being a tour guide

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