A beautiful mid winter on the water

A beautiful mid winter days fishing


10 lovely people from China staying our accommodation beach front Ninety Mile Beach far north New Zealand we took our fishing. The fish didn’t seem to really want to bite but then again it is mid winter in New Zealand. But what an idyllic winters day. Raining when we left the jetty but turned into a superb day. Weather remained fine and no wind plus flat calm.

Calm is always good as it means we  don’t get the odd person adding their own berley to what we have already lowered into the water to attract the fish.  Plus not pleasant for others to watch someone being sick.

The fish just were not there today, but that’s fishing for you. Especially mid winter as the Snapper tend to head north for warmer waters. The birds were working around us so I guess there were Kahawai around, but our lines were not attracting them. And we did try an assortment of bait.

Tomorrow Xiaoli and I will head up Ninety Mile Beach with my mate Robin and see if we can pull a few through the waves. The guests are off back to Auckland then I guess China.

Xiaoli didn’t join us today as she needed spend the day making internal flight bookings in China for my trip end of August. Going to be doing a good amount of time in the air with meetings arranged various provinces. Another Southern China travel agent contacted me today to say please, lets meet. So the trip is already looking a success. What business comes from it is another thing but at least we have got past emails to invitation to visit.

I have decided I will fly light, buy clothes over there. Allowed 46kg of luggage but certainly wont be taking more than about 10kg.

Now time to get the 4wd ready for tomorrows beach fishing.



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