A blog that has become provocative I wrote on Facebook

China label pic

This blog was written for Facebook

I share this blog with my readers because it’s a blog I wrote on my facebook page and achieved record readers. Now that I didn’t expect. I wrote it from the heart and is genuinely the way I feel. Of my 3800+ so called friends on facebook, most are just wanting to be friends for friends sake.

Read it, see what you think. Did I write it wrong? One comment thought I did a really good promotion for business. Where the heck did he get that impression from? Here it is exactly as published.

This is to my many (3800+) facebook friends

Yes, we have over 3,800 so called Facebook friends. They approach us, we do not approach them, at a rate of about 15 per day.
Early times we started with the woman seeking men, mainly from the Phillipines. We seemed to have progressed past them thank goodness as for us Facebook we use to publish our tour blogs. Blogs we enjoy writing plus sharing our many beautiful photographs from places we are fortunate enough to travel because of being in tourism.
About the same time as the single woman were contacting us we were hounded by the spammers, strippers and the list goes on. The latest seems to be the ‘motivational speaker’ type people.
I hoped those that contact us genuinely read our facebook site because it is an open site and were interested in reading our blogs or just looking at the photographs. Other blog sites, one in particular our followers are growing on rapidly, but they follow us because they obviously enjoy what we post. And its as simple as that
Right now I have just returned from a business trip in China and are full on doing pricing and quotes requested on that trip. But when that is complete I am going to purge our friend list. If all 3800+ were reading our blogs it would show up in the likes etc. So I am going to look at the friends list and delete those I never see show up on our likes. Those who I have no idea why they wish to be friends with us.
Facebook I believe allow up to 5000 friends. We are heading that direction although I do not accept now all those that approach us. I am happier to have less so called friends but those that genuinely are interested in our blogs or photographs.
We don’t ask you to give us business. Our business seems to coast along just fine. For us it’s a hobby to write the blogs. Taking photographs I love and I love to share them as I know a lot of people will never get to see what we do.
We don’t ask you to ‘like’ our page. Just enjoy it.
If you message us and ask where we are from well we are not going to respond. Why would we? On our page its very clear where we are from, what we do, our marital status etc. So think before you message.


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